No Call No Show Walmart

Feeling exhausted and unwell, you don’t want to go to work and just want to sleep all day without any interruptions. However, forgetting to inform your workplace about your absence leads to getting fired for being irresponsible. To address this issue, we offer a solution to avoid “No call no show Walmart”.

Not appearing at Walmart is a serious issue that can result in negative consequences for both the employee and the employer. When an employee fails to show up for work without giving prior information or calling in sick, it can result in disruptions in the work schedule, becomes an extra burden for other employees, and damages the overall productivity of the business. Today, we will discuss the importance of attendance, the consequences of a no-call no-show at Walmart, and how to avoid this situation.

Importance Of Attendance

Attendance is a critical aspect of any job. Employers expect their employees to show up to work on time and be present for their scheduled shifts. This helps in a smooth workflow and ensures that targets are met at the end of every month, and maintains a positive work environment. Consistent attendance also shows that an employee is reliable, committed, and respects their job.

Consequences Of A No Call No Show At Walmart

A no call no show at Walmart is considered a serious offense leading to disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Walmart has a strict attendance policy that requires employees to show up for work as scheduled, and failure to meet this policy can result in negative consequences. Additionally, a no call no show puts an extra burden on other employees and causes disruptions in the work schedule.

How To Avoid A No Call No Show At Walmart

To avoid a no call no show at Walmart, employees should follow the attendance policy closely. This includes showing up for work on time, calling in sick when necessary, and providing advance notice if unable to make it to work. If an employee is unable to come to work for any reason, they should inform their supervisor or manager as soon as possible. This allows the employer to make arrangements to cover the shift and minimize disruptions to the workflow.

Another way to avoid a no call no show is to prioritize time management skills. This means planning ahead and avoiding procrastination. Employees should make sure they have transportation to work, plan their schedules in advance, and avoid scheduling conflicts.

How To Call In At Walmart About Sickness

There is a short process of calling in sick at Walmart:

  • Call 1-800-775-5944 and choose from the given options to report the absence. 
  • Provide your WIN, birthdate, and store number after being prompted.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation number once your absence is approved.
  • Note the confirmation number that you received and inform coworkers by letting them know about your absence three hours prior to the shift.

Can You Reapply At Walmart

If you get fired from Walmart can you reapply? Yes, you can usually reapply to Walmart after being fired. However, it may depend on the circumstances surrounding your termination and the policies of the specific Walmart location you were employed at. 

Moreover, your previous records are checked and you are informed whether the nature of your termination allows you to work again or not as per the Walmart’s termination of employment form. However, you can apply for the same position or a job opening at a different location.


A no call no show at Walmart is a serious issue that can lead to disciplinary action and harm the overall productivity of the business. But digital era has made communication easier than ever and employees can call in sick to Walmart within a few minutes. 

To make it even easier for employees to avoid the no call no show action, Walmart offers automated telephone service as well as app-based sick leave reporting system. These are user-friendly services with no complicated formats. Though you should remember that every call in sick will cost you one penalty point and on receiving five penalty points you are most likely to be fired, so try not to overdo sick days to avoid major consequences.

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